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You can rest assure that the associates of NameChangeInc.com are experts on what they do. NameChangeInc.com does not have computers generating forms. There are actual associates working on each case. Feel free to contact us at anytime during our business hours to speak to your associate!

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NameChangeInc.com associates have assisted thousand of individuals nationwide. NameChangeInc.com has extensive knowledge of state, county and federal laws. This knowledge allows us to complete and prepare your legal documents quickly and efficiently.


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Award Winning Warranty: 100% Money Back Refund Guarantee (on site): If the courthouse and county courts do NOT accept our petitions/forms: or if you simply decide not to pursue the name change procedure. FULL Refund is given once the application has been returned to NameChangeInc.com business location (you will have 6 months to return the materials after submission).

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Helping thousands of families and individuals with their legal name change! As stated above, you will receive a full refund if the courthouse rejects our name change petitions.

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